DPM®️ Pro Pillow Set
DPM®️ Pro Pillow Set
DPM®️ Pro Pillow Set
DPM®️ Pro Pillow Set

DPM®️ Pro Pillow Set

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An innovative, scientifically designed pillow with variable height technology that allows it to be fully customised to provide you with the best fit, support and comfort for back and side sleeping.

Correct support for back and side sleeping promotes neutral alignment of the spine to assist in minimising and preventing neck pain and headaches.

Comes with 1 full length and 1 pair of side height adjuster pads to enable you to tailor the height to best suit the natural curve of your neck.

It has a unique oval shaped repositionable central pad that can be removed or placed in various positions to provide ultimate support and comfort for your head.

Two neck support lengths with longer and shorter neck options allowing you to choose the side best suited to your neck length.

Fabric is treated with HealthGuard technology to inhibit the growth of dust mites and bacteria for a healthy sleep.

Medium Firmness with a snuggly, soft velour cover.

Won a Gold Medal at International Inventions Geneva for "Innovation and technological contribution to better sleep and well being."

All our pillows are researched and designed with health professionals in osteopathics chiropractics and physiotherapy to provide a healthier sleep.

    Available in two profiles (pillow heights)

    • Low - 66 x 36 x 7.6cm
    • Large - 66 x 36 x 11.4cm

    Low Profile - with no adjusters - suitable for back sleepers 
    Low Profile - with/without adjuster/s suitable for side sleeper with small-medium frame.
    Large Profile - with/without adjuster/s suitable for side sleepers with a large frame.

    Care Instructions 
    Spot clean with damp cloth and dry away from direct heat and sun.

    Latest Review

    "I really like the density/firmness of the pillow and its adjustability. I have tried with all different combinations of the added bits so I could see how it felt. It is a great pillow and I would happily recommend it!"

    - Gemma